The Winner

Thank you very much to all of you who subscribed there ideas for the Kinofest 2014 poster! We are glad and honored that you accepted our invitation, and we received some very interesting and beautiful works. It was a tough job to choose the winner! We decided that Aaron Thai's proposition will be the official poster of the festival. (

Here are the nominees:


Graphic-designer wanted!


If you're a daring, inventive graphic-designer
If you want to be involved in our festival
We invite you to a POSTER contest for Kinofest.

Send us one or more posters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., psd, minimum 2MB, 48x68cm format. The deadline is 15th July 2014. Find the Kinofest logo here.

About the text and other practical details: include in your composition the festival's name ("International Digital Film Festival Kinofest" or "Kinofest - the digital film festival", or simply Kinofest, or any other way you want to play with these), write somewhere the date (25-27 September), also leave some space for the place/adress of the event (we haven't decided yet!), and a generous space for the partner's logo.

What we don't want on the poster: a film camera/film/rolls of films and anything else related to classic filmmaking on film (we're digital, don't forget ☺).

Otherwise, please fill free to do whatever you want – a personal, original poster that express the vision, the mark and signature of an interesting artist would make us very happy. More like an work of art (that lives for it self) than the poster of a festival. Have fun!

Please download, fill and send us the entry form graphic-designer in order to concider your poster submitted.

The best works will be nominated and published on our web-page after 1st August 2014, and one of the works will be the official poster of the festival.

After we find out the winner, he will make us the same poster in Romanian also (so, we'll have 2 variants of the poster).

If your poster wins, we will repay you: we'll make you/your studio a special presentation at the festival, you'll get promotion on our site, press releases, and all the other ways that are available to us.

Hope we'll work together at Kinofest!